Winter Clothes During Lockdown in SA

Johannesburg – Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel has announced a list of industries that will be re-opening on lockdown level four. 

The businesses that will be allowed to operate include 50% production of factories. Retailers that sell winter clothing, bedding and linen will be allowed to operate. 

Stores that sell educational products and stationery will operate including; the sale of information technology services. E-commerce will be allowed to operate but on a limited basis. Repair shops will be allowed to operate for emergency services. Vehicles sales will be allowed to a certain extent.

Patel was among members of the government’s National Coronavirus Command Council who on Wednesday gave a detailed public briefing on the regulations relating to the easing of South Africa’s lockdown restrictions to Level 4.

The minister said the decisions on which industries will be allowed to operate was not easy and was based on managing the spread of the virus and the need to open up the economy. 

“Not everything that can open immediately and these are the toughest decisions that we have all had to make,” Patel said. 

Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Thoko Didiza added that food agriculture and services including livestock farming would be allowed to operate. The export of agricultural good would also be allowed.

Cooperative government minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said that businesses that will operate will need to follow strict measures on taking precautions. She said hygiene measures will have to be followed and that businesses will likely have to divide the time at which workers can operate to limit the number of people and ensure social distance. 

“If we are not Covid-19 ready and you do not screen people, sooner or later there will be a spread of a virus at the company. Spend a bit of money to ensure that we are Covid-19 ready. It does not matter which company it is, preparation is important. Workers should also come back in a phased manner. Have a proper plan that is known by the workers and you can keep in the company,” Dlamini Zuma said. 

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