The cream of the then Orlando Pirates midfield

Tebogo Moloi and Botsotso Makhanya were Orlando Pirates on their own. The guys played for Pirates with all their hearts and everywhere they went they represented Orlando Pirates. Do we have such players currently? No, the current crop of players are not the same as the likes of Moloi and Makhanya. They are just in the game of football to make money. After signing a long-term contract, they tend not to care anymore.

During those days players used to play without contracts and they did not have agents and managers. They used to represent themselves in the offices of their teams and in the field of play. It seems as is the introduction of the player agents and managers has robbed fans of great football they used to enjoy during the early ages of football in the country.

Tebogo Moloi was a midfield player for Pirates and also Botsotso Makhanya was a midfield player. They used to make Pirates play. They used to entertain the crown with their skills that saw Tebogo Moloi getting himself the nickname ‘Tomato sauce’ because of his silky skills which gave the game some sweetness.

Stadiums used to be full in most matches and people used to go to stadiums just to watch Tebogo Moloi and Botsotso Makhanya do their things with the ball. Football is no longer the same and there are a lot of reasons why our football identity has been lost.

I remember while I was still young I used to go to Orlando Stadium just to watch Tebogo and Botsoko play football. I was not interested in the score during those days but the entertainment part of it. I used to be happy whenever the guys had the ball and was always shouting their names.

Football owners need to listen to the fans because football is for the fans and not the managers and owners. Fans know what they want and they are the ones who buy tickets to watch the matches. It seems there is no longer attractive players who can pull the crowd just because of their playing style and skills.

Thabo Rakgale is one of the players with all the skills that can pull the Prates supporters and all fans in general to the stadiums. The boy has everything that should be used to market the team. He can do anything with the ball and score goals as well. Why is he not being used to market the Orlando Pirates brand?

It is true that fans would like to see the new Tebogo Moloi and Botsotso Makhanya. There won’t be any reason not to visit the stadiums if Pirates could have the new Tebogo and Botsotso. I can tell you the stadiums will be full each and every game.

Tebogo Moloi is currently working as a coach in the development side at Pirates and Botsotso Makhanya is nowhere to be found. It is saddening in South African football to see former football players struggling to make ends meet in their lives. Players should also learn to save at an early age. Spending is not the answer to the future.

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