SASSA Back with R350 payments again

Good News as SASSA finally give clarity about the next payments dates for SRD [R350]
After so many days and months to some, it has finally came to a progress as SASSA gives clarity on the next date of payments.SASSA deals with all the grants payments and usually they are pausing the SRD (R350) grants payments at the beginning of each month and deal with other grants such as the Disability grant , Child Support grant and Old age grant.SASSA was waiting for the window period of seven days that ends on the 6th of September and many have been wondering what will happen from the 6th.The payments are frozen from the first week of each month with the aim of giving space for the Old age grant,Child Support and of course the Disability grants.From the 6 th SASSA will update all the system for all those who appealed for being unfairly declined.

Their statuses will change to “approved” from “Declined” if they still qualify for the Social relief of Stress grant.Payments are expected to start immediately from the 7th depending on the dates given to each person.Some are expecting R1050, some R700 and others just R350 for their pending August status.Those who are still collecting at the post office will start getting their payments from the 9th of September.

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