Chiefs fans miss the time when they had Thabang Lebese and Thabo Mooki in the midfield

The current Kaizer Chiefs team is something that is unexplainable and it is regarded as the worst ever Chiefs squad. The team has averaged players and they are struggling to keep up with being a Kaizer Chiefs player. A lot of them are just there by lucky and will not last a season or two.

Kaizer Chiefs is a team well-known to have top quality players who cannot go a season without winning a trophy. The current team as gone for two seasons without winning a trophy. It is the first time Chiefs finished two seasons without winning a trophy and it is because of the current players at the team.

During the late 90s and 2000s they used to have players like the late Thabang Lebese, Thabo Mooki, Emmanuel ‘Scara’ Ngobese, Frank Makua, and a lot more other talented players who represented Chiefs on and off the field. They used to east, walk and sleep Kaizer Chiefs.

A few days before a match against Orlando Pirates you would find them chatting to their fans and promising them to win the match. They used to interact with fans on a regular basis and the current players are always glued on the laptops and smart phones.

Nowadays the Soweto derby is no longer the same even though fans are always packed to the rafters at the Soccer City Stadium. Chiefs players are not the same any more, they are just not good enough to don the famous black and gold. They are just not Chiefs material and they have to find themselves teams that are suitable for them, not Kaizer Chiefs Football Club.

The past generations of Chiefs players used to make the team and fans happy at all times. They were very entertaining yet they were winning trophies and the PSL titles. They had everything fans wanted to watch in every Chiefs matches. Fans cannot wait to see the new Chiefs team with the new players who can remind them of the then Thabang Lebese, Frank Makua, and Thabo Mooki.

Playing for Chiefs nowadays is much easier than ever before. It seems each and every youngster who is interested in playing for Chiefs can just wait for his contract to come to an end at the team he plays for. Chiefs will then sign him and then he will be a Chiefs player. It is as easy as A, B, and C.

The current drop in fans at stadiums is because of the football that Chiefs players are playing nowadays. They play like they don’t care and sometimes players are hiding not to be passed the ball. Fans wonder why they put on the full Kaizer Chiefs gear and not represent the team from their hearts.

The problem with younger players these days is that they don’t communicate as much as possible. They are always isolated because of latest technology. You will find players in one room not talking to each other or else you will see headphones on all of them. It is a bad sign at all, a team is supposed to be a team because of communication and getting used to each other. I think it will be a good idea for management to ban those devices for certain hours for players to bond.

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