Black Leopards in trouble as coach opens a case against them

Coach Ivan Minnaert has opened an assault case against a Black Leopards official.

Minnaert received a letter of termination from the club and was ordered to return all the properties of the club by 5pm on Tuesday.

The Belgian coach failed to return the club car by that time and a Leopards official went to his house to collect it.

Minnaert was left bruised after he had to jump out of the way when the said official drove out of his home with the car.

“I was having dinner and a heard the car starting so I went outside and I saw the team manager making a U-turn with the car. I told him he can’t take the car because it is my responsibility, if something happens to the car it is on me and I would have to pay. He tried to hit me at full speed but I jumped on top of the car and fell down against the wall, I had back pains when I got up,” Minnaert told Limpopo Sport Zone.

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