100 Cleaners Wanted in Durban


Salary comparison:

This jobNationalaverageCustomer…averageKwaZulu-…average0200.0K400.0K


Apply today to become a cleaner on Domestly. Please complete the application thereafter we will contact you and invite you for an interview.

Work as a cleaner on Domestly and find customers and businesses in your area

Get trained at the Domestly training academy

Work in your area close to your home

Decide which days of the week you want to work

Find clients and get bookings

Get paid every week

Flexible work


1 or more years of cleaning experience

Good references that we can contact

Cellphone that can use whatsapp

Clean criminal record


Work for a great company and choose which days of the week you want to work. Flexible work and good income. Be protected by Domestly and our standards of work.

Apply for this job

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